Veljko Milković, an academic and inventor from Novi Sad, has done something great that has not been done by any Serbian inventor before.

Milković invention of the mechanical oscillator is widely used worldwide, a testament to the fact that over 350 foreign companies use, sell and manufacture pendulum-based machines used in the heavy industry.

The purpose of the two-stage meganic oscillator is multifaceted, because the character of the machine (two-arm lever with pendulum) allows its use as a press, water pumps, compressor, crusher, power generator, mini power plants.

The world’s companies have made use of this invention because its use reduces the need for non-renewable energy sources in the wide range of jobs for which this machine is used.

Through such achievements, Veljko Milković laid the path for new challenges in physics in the 21st century, which could be the forerunner of the new great scientific revolution.

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